I openly admit, I am one of those creepy people who will momentarily, or a bit longer than that, cease all brain activity when I come across an author I admire. I just stare for a moment and then when they make eye contact I not so subtly duck my head like a reprimanded dog. I […]

My chaotic and wonderful life has reached a downhill slope finally and I’m grateful for it. I went on a week long cruise (Mexico, Belize, Honduras) and came back to FantasyCon and WesterCon 67. Peace has been greatly missed. Along with sleep. I’d thought it would be perfect and a non-stop track of excitement, but […]

How much do you enjoy writing? It’s a simple opening question, but painfully complicated. Are you a casual blogger, a deep poet, an epic novelist, a professor giddy over developing their own Calculus textbook to force on broke college students? Yes, giddy. Like a lot of people out there, writing would probably be your dream job […]

So I was working on creating a comprehensive guide to my galaxy. This week was about finally finishing up the map portion of it, naming the different systems and planets and figuring out why they were given that name. And being a geek means, I picked to utilize Latin. Four years ago, I took a […]

Progress for progress’ sake has plagued more than one author. We like to call it “editing” when it’s really treachery and betrayal. Not just to ourselves, but to our dreams. My Redemption Series was originally designed to be a trilogy, admittedly an epic one. The beginning was dull background with sparks of action when I […]

Progress has come in a lot of forms lately. I feel more connected with what I’m doing and it’s helping a lot with my motivation. In the world of my stories, I’ve been working on creating deeper character backgrounds since I’ve switched Redemption to a longer series. My characters for Blazing Inferno have also required […]

I wanted to read a Brandon Sanderson book to get a feel for his style before committing to something significantly longer like his Mistborn series. I have mixed feelings about this being my preliminary view of him, but overall it was an enjoyable book. Without giving anything away, the novel is essentially about a world […]

You’d think books and Youtube videos would have less in common. Recently, I was watching the Ted Talk “Why Videos Go Viral” which is presented by Kevin Allocca, a Youtube trends manager. He commented on how times have changed and literally anyone can become Internet famous within a week or less. The reality though is […]

Whoo hoo! Almost a year long hiatus and it’s been worth it. I’m finishing up my degree so that’s opened up my time a lot and I’ve taken full advantage. I’m currently working on two major novels. The first is book one in a series I’ve been developing sporadically for over a year now. It […]

I promised updates and I’m delivering. I’ve completed three short stories which puts me right on track for my goal this week. One of them was a story I only had two sentences of and those two sentences were deleted before I even finished it. The next was one I’d been working on sporadically, but […]


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