Aiming Higher

I’ve been working on my writing and reading, but with little concrete to show for it. I’ve almost finished reading the first three novels in A Song of Fire and Ice, more commonly known as Game of Thrones. I’ve also been working on writing things outside my wheelhouse: nonfiction. Keeping a journal has alternated between being excessive and simplistic. Probably the most difficult part was I’d recently decided to try and socialize more, which meant I now had more stories and more to report on my day-to-day life while simultaneously having less time to write it out. In the end, I debated what was more valuable to me; writing about living or doing so. I’ve never been so proud to say my writing has suffered so it could excel.

This has gone on for a little over a month and I’m ready to take all I’ve gained in life and apply to something more concrete than memories. Right now, I’m revisiting short stories I’d once loved and left halfway through. It’s been fantastic to give them a new, mature perspective I could only have utilized with more practice. Some of them are becoming darker, some to me at least are becoming more inventive, and all of them are gaining clarity.

In reference to this posts quote from an author whose skill I admire, I’m going to set my sights higher. I find myself with abnormal amounts of free time for the next six weeks. Among other goals, I have decided to aim for ‘Six Shorts in Six Weeks’ and, in the spirit of accountability, I will post weekly with updates on how I am fairing. Even if no one reads this or cares, I want to do this for me and hope to use this as a motivating factor.

“Aim higher in case you fall short” – Suzanne Collins

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