And I’m Back In The Game

Whoo hoo! Almost a year long hiatus and it’s been worth it. I’m finishing up my degree so that’s opened up my time a lot and I’ve taken full advantage.

I’m currently working on two major novels. The first is book one in a series I’ve been developing sporadically for over a year now. It was originally going to be epic science fiction trilogy, but I realized it needed to be cut down to size so it’s now in six parts and I’m more excited about it than I was before. It’s called “Redemption” and the first book is “Choose”. It’s still about two years out with writing, editing, and publishing, but I have a set date for it to be released as an eBook most likely through Smashwords.

The other book is Blazing Inferno, my first journey into young adult writing since I was a young adult. It’s based on documentaries regarding the Stonewall Riots, but with major twists including a dystopian world where the youth are forced to connect to earth regardless of which element they feel is true for them. It’s in the same boat as Redemption: Choose, but I’m really starting to delve into it so I’m energized.

I’ll keep updates posted as it goes through the stages and maybe even post a chapter or two before the official release.



  1. […] And I’m Back In The Game […]

  2. You definitely have your hands full, welcome back

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