Ted Inspiring Progress

Progress has come in a lot of forms lately. I feel more connected with what I’m doing and it’s helping a lot with my motivation. In the world of my stories, I’ve been working on creating deeper character backgrounds since I’ve switched Redemption to a longer series. My characters for Blazing Inferno have also required more insight since the main character is rebelling against gardening while I personally am feeling more empowered to get my own garden going.

One of the most exciting elements has been my new found obsession with TED Talks. I’ve been inspired in my writing by discussions on education, environment, psychology, and technology. I’m constantly fascinated by what is being developed and shared and, since all great fiction is based on reality, I hope this will make a positive difference in what I create. It’s already impacting my plan so I can’t imagine it not being for the best.



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  1. teannadorsey · · Reply

    I love TED talks. They’ve helped me get inspired to write, as well as provide great insight into different subject matter.

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