Spend It Doing What You Love

How much do you enjoy writing? It’s a simple opening question, but painfully complicated. Are you a casual blogger, a deep poet, an epic novelist, a professor giddy over developing their own Calculus textbook to force on broke college students? Yes, giddy.

Like a lot of people out there, writing would probably be your dream job if only the publishing gods took pity on your frustrated soul. So if this is what you want as your career, why aren’t you treating it that way? They phrased it best at FanX when they said “You spend eight hours a day on a career you don’t love. Spend as much time on something you do.”

This doesn’t mean quit your day job and take starving artist to the extreme. While you’re spending 40 hours a week paying bills, spend 40 hours finding the motivation to live as you want. Now the calculus professor out there, or the person with a basic function calculator, who does the math might say it would only leave you 8 hours a day to run errands, take care of the family, and god forbid sleep.

What are you doing now when you get home? Rushing to do half a dozen tasks simultaneously? Do they all really need to be done in that moment or are you doing smaller tasks to get the sense of completion that comes from at least getting something done?

If you think you don’t have time, I encourage looking into the Franklin Covey Time Management System. Here are a few of the tips pulled from it: http://franklincoveyreview.com/featured/10-tips-for-time-management/. Remember, you have the same number of hours daily as you’ll have in fifty years. Do you want your time spent watching others live their goals or do you want to take the stage yourself?


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