Saying Yes to Downhill

My chaotic and wonderful life has reached a downhill slope finally and I’m grateful for it. I went on a week long cruise (Mexico, Belize, Honduras) and came back to FantasyCon and WesterCon 67. Peace has been greatly missed.

Along with sleep.

I’d thought it would be perfect and a non-stop track of excitement, but I still haven’t fallen back into a decent sleep pattern. I’m grateful though because Salt Lake Comic Con won’t be until the first weekend in September so I have plenty of time to get things back to normal before throwing my hard earned habits down the well again.

No mistakes though, I loved every second of it and took a great deal of notes from different writer panels that is helping me develop my novels better. I plan on adding posts for a few of the recurring concepts, particularly those about creating a realistic world. I’ve realized there are a number of details I and other newbie writers miss and it’s part of why readers don’t get sucked in. Hearing from professionals about how to add truth to your work is something worth sharing and I hope others can find the same value in it I did.

Until then though, I’m going back to taking a nap.


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