Jay Naen is well known for brutal honesty and shamelessness when it comes to geekdoms. Jay has been writing since before elementary school and still has a colorful book about puppies to prove it. The favorite claim to fame was winning 1st place in Regional Impromptu two years in a row, starting the nickname “BS Champion”.

As Jay prepares to graduate from the University of Utah, the focus has shifted drastically to writing. If it results in viewing everyone on a bus with an eye to the paranormal, so be it. Currently, Jay is working on the Redemption Series and first young adult novel Blazing Inferno. Favorite genres are unsurprisingly fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and supernatural (yes, there is a difference).

Finding slightly obscure books is a major hobby. Recommending or verbally destroying them is a big part of the fun, regardless of how many awards it has (Seriously? They got a book deal? Seriously!?!). Receiving recommendations is also part of the process so feel free to message or email if you have suggestions. Jay currently lives a starving author lifestyle in Salt Lake City, UT and is looking forward to Westercon67 and the upcoming FantasyCon.


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